You Have Something to Share, and You’re Worthy. Delete Your Imposter Syndrome.

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“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in the world.If you do so you are insulting yourself” — Bill Gates

Most beginner programmers when they start out feel both excited and intimidated. It’s like with everything when you learn a new skill. You experience the Dunning Kruger effect. You start out knowing absolutely nothing but you are full of confidence. You feel like you are going to nail coding. Short after though, Competence starts to sink in. You realize it’s much harder than you anticipated. Your confidence drops like a rock.

Even after months of learning, you can stay in the “Valley…

Go back to nature, and you will feel reborn.

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Although Stress has gotten a bad rap, our stress response is actually keeping us alive right now. Hans Selye, a pioneering Hungarian endocrinologist, defined stress as ‘the non-specific response of the body to any demand of change.’

Our body only has one biological stress response, but almost an infinite number of stressors. You can experience stress from your environment and the thoughts you have and your body. Any change alters our homeostasis, good or bad. It’s vital for living a normal and healthy life.

In our modern-day lives, we hear stress only in a negative light. But we don’t hate…

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Follow these 4 tips for a more restful night.

*Important Note: These tips are for improving your sleep performance, and are for people without a sleep disorder. If you do have an actual sleep disorder (insomnia, apnea, etc.) you need to get help from a physician.

Sleep is the third pillar for living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, unlike exercise and diet, sleep nowadays suffers from a bad PR problem. The problem partly stems from how we see sleep. Deciding to rest rather than to work late would be seen as being counterproductive. But is that truly the case?

Modern society has changed our sleep habits:

  • We’ve reduced the amount…

Hope for the Best. Prepare for the worst.

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Life isn’t always easy. If you asked random strangers about their life. You’ll probably get some superficial answer. But if you dig a bit deeper under the surface, you’ll discover the darker stuff. You come to the conclusion they had to put up with a lot of suffering.

No matter how you turn it. Life is suffering sometimes. It doesn’t matter who you talk too. Some have it easier. Adversity is just part of life.

However, that said, You have to put stuff in perspective. You can’t say every situation is the same. …

Learn how Lights, Temperature, and Relaxation all impact your sleep quality

A good night’s rest resist on two pillars; There’s the amount of sleep( 7 to 9 hours for the average adult) and the sleep quality.

Unfortunately, many are aware of the former. But don’t pay much attention to the latter. It’s a good benchmark to start with the amount. But we should realize sleep quality is equally important.

The reason being is that you can still sleep for 8 hours but if you wake up every night. You won’t feel well-rested.

I know from experience how difficult sleep can be. A situation that’s very known to me is, waking up…

Here’s a guide into getting deep sleep fast full of science-backed up research

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Fitness and Diet have exploded into a near 100 billion dollar global industry as of 2019. We care, more than ever before, about how healthy we are. And yet, there’s one health aspect that doesn’t receive the same benefits.

Sleep may be the least interesting of the three. But it’s the most important, unlike diet and fitness, which are catabolic(break the body down). Sleep is anabolic.

When you get enough quality sleep, you’ll receive tons of benefits:

  • Release of hormones such as human growth hormone and melatonin. (HGH is essential for staying young)
  • Sleep helps balance our appetite. Hormones such…

Strategic thinking = a tool for your dream life

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Strategic thinking is a skill like any other; with enough practice and guidance, anybody can be a master. It’s only a matter of effort. But that’s precisely the problem. People don’t like to sit down and strategize.

All the people I know, don’t plan or have priorities. Let alone set goals for the future. Instead, they live life from day to day. Which is perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with that lifestyle.

And I’m no different. I also don’t enjoy planning and design plans. It’s much more fun to see what life has to offer and adapt to it. But…

Shift from ordinary to legendary results using these tactics

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“Time stays long enough for those who use it” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Efficient & Many vs. Effective & Less.

Life happens when you aren’t on autopilot

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“The habit of spending nearly every waking moment lost in thought leaves us at the mercy of whatever our thoughts are. Meditation is a way of breaking this spell.” ~ Sam Harris

What is Default Mode Network

Coffee is worse for your sleep than you think

As for many people, after I get up, I make myself some great coffee. I’m proud to say that Coffee is my daily drug; it gives me energy and brings me in a good mood. But here’s the catch; The moment you choose to drink coffee makes all the difference.

About four years ago, I was seriously hooked on coffee. I didn’t take coffee only in the morning, but all-day. I was consuming around 10–15 cups. You could say I was addicted. But to my defenses, This was at a time where I also smoked. …

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