First off, I don’t know who you are but the way you address me is more rooted in anger/emotion than reason. Second, and more importantly, allow me to clarify some points you made

Your statement that the sea levels aren’t rising is coming from own subjective ignorance instead of objective science-based facts. Which you don’t use in any of your explanations. Sea levels have been rising about 8 inches a year: If you want proof, read this scientific paper support by Nasa to show that data:

If you look at the trendline of the graph in the paper you can clearly see that there’s an overall rise of sea levels which is measured based on satellite data. Although is it is difficult to measure these changes because of interannual variability largely driven by changes in terrestrial water storage. Nevertheless because of thermosteric sea level, and ice sheet mass loss(which is caused both by the extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice, which has declined rapidly over the last several decades):

“Climate change is deviation of weather over a period of 30 years” You are correct that climate is definite by the average condition for about thirty years. However, As I have stated in my article climate changes always. Just over the last 650,000 years, the Earth climate went through 7 cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt of the last ice age about 7,000 years ago. This graph underneath shows( which are atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and recent direct measurements ) evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased since the Industrial Revolution.

Most of the climate changes are caused by small variations in Earth’s orbit that are a result of the amount of solar energy the planet receives. Nevertheless, This graph shows that since the beginning of the industrial revolution there’s been an increase in CO2 which has the ability to trap infrared radiation which is able to trap the warmth. I’m not going into all the effects because of it. I can give you enough links to the effects and how CO2 Effects climate. However most clear example is the greenhouse runaway effect of Venus:

“Climate change is local”: Weather is local, Earth climate is on a global scale. I don’t confuse these two concepts. The weather changes all the time giving variability, that is true. But we’re talking about the increase in extreme events of weather patterns which are depended on the place you live. Nonetheless, the research shows that these extreme events occur more rapidly. Take the United States for example; The number of record temperature events have been increasing and the number of low-temperature events decreasing since 1950; At the same time, the U.S has witnessed an increasing number of intense rainfall events

What defines the natural Variability of the local climate?

Statistically speaking, variability is defined by a distribution or data set that varies from the average value. When applied to natural systems there’s a certain uncertainty associated with measurement errors. There is no “True “ value and so scientists must use statistical tools such as mean and standard deviation to describe natural variability. When it comes to the climate this is also true. Because of an increase in extreme weather events over time measured in different places on the globe, scientists can derive a mean value of this. This suggests that there’s an increase in temperature, CO2, droughts, floods, and wildfires,... On the other hand, these events occur more intense.

“Events like hurricanes, droughts, floods, wildfires, etc have all been in decline in the last 100 years” → Show me several research papers that prove your statement. Claiming something like that without proper evidence doesn’t prove anything. I can claim that I can predict the future but without hard evidence which is defined based on several scientific facts, there’s no way of telling that I’m right. That’s what science is for. Not opinions but principles prove something is true. And principles are used to make models of the reality we live in. Although some systems are more complex

“Regurgitating propaganda is a common theme in climate change articles”

If you are going to accuse me of using false information at least have the decency to show that I’m wrong with properly constructed counter-arguments based on science and not your own arrogance. I may not be an expert on this subject which I don’t claim to be, far from it.

But attacking someone just for the sack of making me feel bad is very low. It says more about who you are. I hope you can at least give me some proper arguments. Do that and we can talk. Without that, I don’t have to respond to your arguments any longer. Have a good day sir.

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